Sacrament Preparation

Sacrament Preparation for School Aged Children

At Baptism, parents accept the responsibility of training their children in the practice of the faith, teaching them to keep God’s commandments as taught by Jesus, and to love God and neighbor.

2016-2017 Catechetical Program Calendar


First Reconciliation Preparation 2016-2017

First Holy Communion Mass Selection Form

Parents of children who are preparing to receive First Holy Communion in May of 2017 may complete the online selection form by clicking HERE. This form is available beginning October 25, 2016 through February 1, 2017. When the form is submitted, a confirmation email will be generated in which there will be a link to the parish E-Giving account where the fees may be submitted. (Of course, the fee may be mailed or dropped off at the Catechetical Office.) Places will be filled as forms are completed and fees are submitted. Once the form and fees are processed, parents will receive an email from Ana Dooley, Catechetical Programs Assistant confirming the date and time of each family’s First Holy Communion Mass. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact Ana Dooley, Catechetical Programs Assistant: 973-744-5650 ext. 119 or

First Reconciliation and First Communion

A child’s remote preparation for sacraments begins by observing his or her parents’/guardians’ behavior and priorities, and by coming to Sunday Mass and experiencing time for prayer and a growing relationship with God.  They learn by observing how the significant adults in their lives respond to their own Baptismal call.  No classroom or textbook can provide this.

 Parish families who wish to have their children continue their initiation into the Catholic Church may enroll their children in Sacrament Preparation.  This includes parish children who attend Catholic school.   At Immaculate Conception, children generally receive immediate preparation for First Reconciliation and First Communion in 2nd grade, after having completed two years of formal religious instruction.***

Formal sacrament preparation for First Reconciliation and Firsts Communion begins generally in 1st grade with parents or guardians attending the Parent/Guardian Sacrament Meeting.  After attending the meeting, parents or guardians may submit a Sacrament Preparation Enrollment Form, requesting that their child enter into sacrament preparation.  This form is distributed at the meeting.

Parents/guardians whose children are older than 1st grade will attend the same Sacrament Meeting mentioned above, and may submit the Sacrament Preparation Enrollment Form.  They will then be contacted by our RCIA coordinator who will arrange for their children to prepare for the sacraments through the RCIA process adapted for children.

Confirmation 2016 Sacrament Preparation Process Year II 9th Grade

Confirmation 2017 Sacrament Preparation Year I – 8th Grade


At Immaculate Conception, specific preparation for Confirmation begins in 7th grade and continues through 8th grade; young people generally receive immediate preparation for Confirmation during 9th grade by attending faith formation sessions throughout the year, culminating with the celebration of Confirmation in Easter Season.

It is the expectation of the parish that each young person wishing to be confirmed has received ongoing religious instruction in grades 1 – 8 in a parish Religious Education Program or Catholic School.  It is also expected that the young person attends Sunday Mass each week. ***

Parish families whose children desire to complete their initiation into the Catholic Church may enroll for Sacrament Preparation for Confirmation prior to 8th grade.  This includes parish children who attend Catholic schools.  Parents who wish for their children to prepare for Confirmation should attend the Confirmation Inquiry Meeting at the end of 7th grade.  At this meeting, the sacrament preparation process for Confirmation will be discussed, and family discernment interviews will be scheduled with parish staff members.  After completing the family interview, parents and children may complete and submit a Sacrament Preparation Enrollment Form, requesting that the child enter into formal sacrament preparation for Confirmation.

***Regardless of grade level or years of instruction, families are welcomed and encouraged to contact the parish Catechetical Office to discuss having their children prepare for sacraments.


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