Refugee Resettlement Meeting Sunday, June 4th 8:45am

  • By Marcie Alexander
  • 24 April, 2017
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If you are interested in participating with co-sponsoring a refugee family with Catholic Charities of Newark there will be a Review and Update meeting Sunday, June 4 at 8:45am to 9:45am in Madonna Hall .  (Following the 8am mass and prior to 10am mass.)  For more information contact the Parish Office 973-744-5650  or


(Click here for flyer!)

Below is a list of of the subcommittees needed to successfully assist a family to transition to independence. Before the meeting please prayerfully consider how you may be interested and best able to serve.   Here is a Power Point Presentation describing the roles of the Subcommittees—


  1. Fundraising
  2. Translators/ESL
  3. Housing ( finding an apartment)
  4. Housekeeping ( setting up the apartment)
  5. Transportation for the family (transporting the family to appointments, food shopping,

orienting them to public transportation, etc)

  1. Public assistance (registering for food stamps, etc)
  2. Education ( school tours, registering for school, the library, etc)
  3. Medical ( doctor appointment, etc)
  4. Employment
  5. Financial literacy
  6. Technology (WiFi, cell phones, etc.)

Each subcommittee will need a chairperson and we will also discuss the role of project manager and family liaison. Paul Bambrick-Santoyo will chair the entire process.

This is a challenging and time consuming but vitally important project.

Paul Bambrick, Nancy Burke, Catherine Mulroe

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