Pipe Organ Centenary

Pipe Organ

The magnificent pipe organ in our church was installed and dedicated in 1916.  Plans are underway to celebrate its centenary in the 2016-2017 season.  Pipe Organs are the most complex of all musical instruments with thousands of pipes and moving parts.  Extensive work was undertaken in the 1995 renovation of our church to restore some of those components.  Some further improvements have taken place in the last 21 years as needed, but now is our opportunity to fully restore the instrument and embark on some of the improvements which were envisioned in 1995.  This will of course rely on the generosity of our parishioners.  In short, we are planning to complete the following work to the organ in celebration of its centenary:

♦ Completing any mechanical restoration yet undone to the organ in the loft, which is 100 years old.

♦ Replacing the digital sounds behind the pretend pipes in the front of church with authentic pipe sounds.

Our parish has an amazing opportunity to make use of a pipe organ from a closed Catholic Church in our Archdiocese to make the sound heard from the front of the church worthy of the historic sound heard from the back of the church at a fraction of the cost if we were to purchase the pipes new. We plan to fund these renovations in 3 ways, none of which will involve using general parish dollars:

♦ A special 2nd collection on the weekend of May 21/22: any proceeds from this collection will be used for the organ restoration.

♦ A Gala to be held on Saturday, September 24, 2016 at the Van Vleck House.

♦ The remaining balance will come from the Music Endowment savings account, which has come from donations from parishioners and friends to further the music program in our parish.

We ask that all parishioners reflect on the role of music and the organ in our liturgies and in the life of our parish, both now and in our church’s great history, and to prayerfully consider donating towards this cause.  Finally, next Sunday, May 22, Preston will offer a Q/A session in church, following the 8:30am Mass and again at 10:30am to demonstrate some of the issues being talked about and answer any questions about the project.  Any parishioner with questions or wishing to assist in the centenary year is welcome to contact Preston: music@mtcimmaculate.org

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