Living Stones Campaign

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Many thanks to all of you who have so generously responded to our “We Are Living Stones” campaign. If you have not responded yet, please prayerfully consider making a pledge or a onetime contribution to this worthy cause for the future of our parish and the future of the Archdiocese of Newark.

Pledge Donation envelopes can be found in Church or you can donate On-Line at

We Are Living Stones Capital Campaign

The We Are Living Stones Campaign will allow each of us to join our gifts with those who made the parishes and programs of this Archdiocese a reality in years past and will ensure that we remain a strong, vibrant and faithful Church in the years to come. We know that our greatest strength is our Catholic faith and the faith of our people. This campaign is centered primarily on the spiritual growth and development of our people’s faith. We are relying on your generosity to create a legacy for this generation — a legacy of faith that will pass on to those who will cherish and take it into a new time, gratefully adding their own gifts to what you have so generously given.


Case for Support

The We Are Living Stones Capital Campaign will provide the solid foundation upon which our Church will continue to build and enhance the future for all one million Catholics across Northern New Jersey. Financial resources are essential to enable our parishes to continue supporting the journey of faith, spirituality and ministry of our expanding Catholic community.

The goal is to raise more than $90 million in pledges to support six priorities:

♦ Retired Priest Care & Medical Needs Endowment $6 million

♦ Parish Renewal Fund $8 million

♦ Seminarian Support Endowment $8 million

♦ Works of Mercy $8.7 million

♦ Tuition Assistance Endowment $18 million

♦ Parish Share $40 million

As we embark on the We Are Living Stones Capital Campaign, we look forward to the future, confident that all of our Brothers and Sisters of Christ will consider a sacrificial gift and join together to raise the important funds.

We Are Living Stones Prayer

we thank you for the many blessings
that You have given to our Archdiocese,
among them Faithful Stewards and co-workers,
both spiritually and materially,
as we all try our best each day to fulfill
your Mission here on Earth.
We ask
blessing upon the work
in which we are all engaged towards
the success of the Capital Campaign.
May we be those ‘living stones’ that we
are called to be, always building upon the
very foundation of our Faith,
Jesus Christ
, our cornerstone,
as we strive to continue programs
that provide support to the poor; to families;
to those seeking to come to know
more deeply; as well as to ensure that our
Faith continues to be faithfully passed on
to new generations of your People.
May we always be
One Body
in communion with Christ, as we continue
to build up
Your Kingdom
We ask this through Jesus Christ,
Our Lord




Campaign    Newsletter    Vol.    2  (January 30-31, 2016)

My Dear BroMont NL #2 ARTthers and Sisters in Christ,

You recently received an invitation to attend a reception to inaugurate the We Are Living Stones Capital Campaign taking place throughout the Archdiocese of Newark. As your Pastor, I urge you to make every effort to attend this reception and learn more about this exciting endeavor.

As you know, the receptions will be held on the following dates:

Sunday, February 7th following the 8:30 a.m. Mass in Madonna Hall or

Wednesday, February 17th at 7 p.m. in Madonna Hall

If you haven’t already done so, please RSVP to the parish office so that we can prepare for the appropriate number of guests.

We are in a challenging and exciting period in our history as a Catholic community. We have an opportunity to be the living stones that we as Catholics are called to be, and to leave a legacy for the faithful that follow. Members of our parish will also present how this tremendous project will directly benefit our own parish.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to being with you at one of our informational campaign receptions.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Rev. Joseph Scarangella, Pastor, Immaculate Conception


Living Stones Mont NL #1

Campaign    Newsletter    Vol.  1  (January 23-24, 2016)

Campaign Kick-off!

Immaculate Conception is joining hands with our Brothers and Sisters in Christ across the Archdiocese of Newark to begin the We Are Living Stones Capital Campaign. We have embarked on this initiative to address the current and future needs of our parish, and to strengthen our larger Church.

There are numerous aspects to this campaign, and it is important that everyone is well informed. Over the next couple of months, we will be hosting a series of informative receptions detailing how this campaign will benefit our parish. All registered households will receive an invitation to attend a reception. This is an opportunity to gather as a parish, learn about the campaign, and have your questions answered.

As we embark on this historic endeavor, we ask that you pray for the success of this campaign, and consider volunteering your time and talent in the coming weeks. More information will be shared from the pulpit, through the mail, and in our bulletin over the next few months.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

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